The actual project : Wega

The sky, the stars and the space inspired  us to transform this topic into music.

The result is a mixture of musical sounds with parts that make you dream, and, however, with parts that wakes the listener up again, because rocky elements were used as well.

You can enjoy this special world by listening or watch one of our videos!

Attention! Please make your playback device's volume quieter
or use the volume controller of the audio panel before playing.

CD available approx. mid 2022!

Audio test of "Wega 25 Lichtjahre" - (MP3 quality - Demo length)

  1. 01_Welcome

  2. 02_Gemma

  3. 03_Ras_Alhague

  4. 04_Wega

  5. 05_Arktur_Lost_in_space

  6. 06_Gemma_II

  7. 07_Wega_Part_II

  8. 08_Deneb

  9. 09_Contemplativeness

  10. 10_Spica

  11. 11_Wega_Part_III

  12. 12_Antares

  13. 13_Altair

  14. 14_Die_Stimme_aus_dem_All

  15. 15_Sonnenwind

  16. 16_Sky

  17. 17_Dancing_in_stars

  18. 18_Darkness

  19. 19_Mono

  20. 20_End_of_journey

Video Dancing in stars